Shift 2018
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Childcare Business Leaders Conference

February 21 - 24, 2018

San Diego, California


Are you looking to connect with a community of like-minded, driven business owners?

Are you eager to take your business to the next level through solid strategy?

Are you looking for a break from winter's cold and gloom? (ok, we know the answer to that one!)

Then we want you to join us for three sun-soaked, immersive days at:

SHIFT 2018

The Wyndham Bayside

 San Diego, California


A different kind of conference - carefully curated and thoughtfully designed to improve the business side of your organization.

Listen to, learn from, and CONNECT with experienced owners and industry experts who have developed and controlled various sized enterprises, participated in a bevy of varied programs, and have both bought and sold child care companies. 

They will share their times of challenge, the many lessons they've learned, and show you how they found their way to thrive - and how you will too !



Kathy Ligon

Founder & Managing Partner

Strategic Solutions Group Advisors and

Strategy Mastermind of the SHIFT Conference

Kathy Ligon.jpg
For many years our clients and contacts have asked that we bring people together from all parts of the industry to share innovative techniques and services, and to present a truly content-oriented conference dedicated only to the business side of the early education business—something that has never been done before.  On a daily basis we are inspired by the hard work and dedication of our clients, so how could we say no? We are so excited to have done just that!  As we were naming the three day event, I began to find myself saying repeatedly that in my 33 years in the industry, I have never seen a more profound shift from the excellent educational services we have always provided, to the addition of exciting new ways to market, manage, and serve the childcare community—so SHIFT it is! We are not trying to market services, nor bring speakers in selling their wares, but in only inviting those having meaningful content to share.  It would be our honor to host you at this ground-breaking event!
— Kathy Ligon
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What You Will Get


...We mean besides a weekend at the beach!


At Shift 2018, you will have the opportunity to hear from industry veteran, Kathy Ligon, and her powerhouse team on hot topics such as business best practices, financial strategy, and what to use (and lose!) out of today's hard to pinpoint industry trends.

Along with Kathy, you'll hear from two well-known CEO’s of national organizations who will discuss their plans to energize their own companies - and how you can implement those strategies for yours! Learn from owners just like you about how they are creatively managing their companies - and from industry “SHIFTERS" who are providing non-traditional services and have created innovative products and services in addition to their childcare companies. Wondering if you should bring your managers? There’s an entire day of breakout content just to meet their needs! 

These, and other industry powerhouses, will roll up their sleeves, answer the tough questions, EMPOWER, EDUCATE, and INSPIRE you!

Learn ...

...How To Be Financially Healthy With Solid Revenue

  Deep-dive into pricing, discount policies, and strategies for growth. We will work together to help you fully understand the process of BRANDING your company and using your team in selling. Master advanced marketing concepts for further growth and learn how to be sure the marketing basics are in place. We will teach you what occupancy is and how you can use this simple calculation to know how well you are doing.

...How To Grow Your Company

Hear from experienced childcare owners about how they grew their companies into multi-site organizations. You will have the opportunity to hear from lenders who fund growth including those in SBA lending, private equity, and real estate investment. Through this conference, you will learn HOW to use your real estate as a growth asset.

...How To Lead Your Staff Without Drama and Headaches

You will leave this conference with a process in place for managing staff costs. Industry owners will share with you strategies for developing team members into strong leaders and you will learn to communicate the mission your staff needs to perform strongly AND with confidence.

...How To Be Good Stewards In Better Managing Your Expenses

Gain access to Kathy Ligon’s proven financial model as an analysis tool for managing expenses. You will learn what you should be spending for real estate, salaries, food, and other key expenses to help develop a living benchmark to use in the life of your company.



We're not here to talk AT you, we're here to talk WITH you - and have a good time while we're at it!

Starting with an opening night networking party you'd only find minutes from Baja, California (SERIOUSLY, who doesn't love tacos authenticos!) to connect and relax with peers from all over the country (who are also managing challenging, dynamic companies), and continuing through tour and learning sessions in outdoor classrooms at beautiful Carmel Mountain Preschool on Day 3. You can even arrange a spa day for you and your team! - we want you to work hard and we'll make sure you do - but we'll make sure you play hard too!

...and be on the lookout for MORE fun, optional events (the events are optional - the fun is not!) to be announced!

(a great way to do that is sign up for our mailing list - we'll just leave the link below - you're welcome!)

Ready to save yourself a seat? We thought so!


2.5 days of financial and operational management training: all learning, no sales pitches

Opening night Baja, California Kickoff Party

Conference collateral, worksheets and after action exercises 

Coffee and beverage service, lunch, and an array of break bars and snacks included

Sweet swag + giveaways participation

Access to exciting offsite activities, team building and relaxation opportunities (some may require additional fees) 

Direct access to SSGA staff members + speakers

Book signing with celebrity guest speaker 

Business Revolution Giveaway

Multiple opportunities to personally meet all conference speakers

Breakout sessions tailored for managers

Opportunity to connect with business coach

Opportunity to connect with industry leader in branding

Advice from inspiring top industry experts

Networking opportunities with other childcare business owners




Our 2018 Special Guest Speakers

Screenshot 2018-01-12 10.30.43.png

JoAnn Kintzel

President and CEO of Procare Software

Tom Wyatt

CEO of KinderCare Education

Celebrity Guest Speaker

Braun_Adam Headshot .jpg

Adam Braun

Founder of Pencils of Promise and New York Times Bestselling Author



Conference Location

Wyndham San Diego Bayside Hotel

1355 North Harbor Drive

San Diego, CA 92101


Located directly across from the picturesque San Diego bay and conveniently near downtown, the Wyndham San Diego Bayside hotel in San Diego, CA is the embodiment of the laid back California attitude. Take a walk down Embarcadero and bask in the world famous “perfect weather”, or stroll down to Little Italy for a taste of authentic Italian cuisine in southern California. At Wyndham San Diego Bayside hotel, we invite you to discover all that the city has to offer, with a convenient San Diego downtown hotel location to begin your adventures.  

The Perks


Oh, we did, okay good!


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